Hormone Blood Test

Female hormones fluctuate throughout the natural menstrual cycle as well as during the fertility treatment cycle.

Blood tests performed on specific days during a menstrual cycle help us understand the hormone levels and to plan and monitor a treatment cycle with accuracy.

E2 (Estradiol), FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), LH (Leuteinising Hormone), AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone), Progesterone, Prolactin, Thyroid Function Test are some of the more common hormones checked. Some women may need more specific hormones checked for conditions such as polycystic ovaries (PCO).

Men may also need the FSH, LH, testosterone/ estradiol levels checked with a blood test if the sperm count is very low, or even completely absent. These tests can sometimes help to determine the cause of infertility.

All above mentioned hormones tests are done in house with reports emailed to you or sent on WhatsApp. The doctors will immediately respond with interpretational reports.

For detail information please watch this videos by Dr. Sachin Kulkarni, MD (Chairman & Chief IVF Specialist, Sunanda IVF).


Sunanda ivf was established in year 2000 by Dr. Sachin Kulkarni, MD as a dedicated clinic to provide most updated treatment for infertility. Over last two decades the clinic has state of art equipment, and is providing comprehensive fertility treatments.

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