IVF / ICSI step by step

Most of our couples undergo antagonist protocol. Four stages.

Stage 1 …..stimulation period
Stage 2…..trigger day
Stage 3…..laboratory work
Stage 4….embryo transfer

Stage 1…

Injections treatment starts on second or third day of menses lets call this stimulation day 1.

Stimulation dayinjectionantagonistvisits
D6menopurcetrotideScan visit/semen cryo / E2, LH
D12menopurcetrotideScan visit/trigger day

Stage 2…
Day 12 of stimulation trigger injection will be given , few women may receive trigger on day 13 or day 14 depending on follicular size.

Trigger day schedule
1. Routine stimulation injections in the morning.
2. Blood drawn for E2 , LH , PROGESTERONE.
3. Trigger injection at 11 pm onwards ..detailed explanation will be counselled.
4. 12 hrs after trigger blood test LH / Progesterone.
5. Admit to hospital 30 hrs after trigger on empty stomach ie. No water tea coffee milk juice food of any form 6 hrs prior to admission.

Stage 3…ovum pick up and lab work
Once you are admitted signing consent forms …PCPNDT / ICMR / HOSPITAL OT AND ADMISSION CONSENTS are a must prior to procedure.

Xerox of aadhar card crosschecked.

1. Dress change in hospital (gown clean laundered and fresh).
2. Iv line venflon fixed by nurse.
3. Do inform again about your allergies or medical ailments you suffer.
4. Shift to OT after anaesthetists arrive.
5. Brief talk with anaesthetist doctor.
6. Short and safe general anaesthesia through the venflon.

Procedure of egg pick up generally over in 30-40 min.
You are then discharged after 4-6 hrs post procedure.
Husband semen is collected.
2 hrs after pick up team of embryologists start the lab work of semen processing / ICSI etc.which goes on for 5 days and progress is telephonically informed to you.

Stage 4…
Fresh embryo transfer is done on day 4 or day 6 of pick up.
Frozen thaw embryo transfer is a planned procedure done after 4- 6 weeks gap after egg pick up.


Sunanda ivf was established in year 2000 by Dr. Sachin Kulkarni, MD as a dedicated clinic to provide most updated treatment for infertility. Over last two decades the clinic has state of art equipment, and is providing comprehensive fertility treatments.

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