Cancellation by Registrant – Refund policy

7.1.  All cancellations by the Registrant or Participant for Live Events, must be notified in writing (preferably by e-mail) to SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY.

7.2.  For Live Events, registration fees will be reimbursed after deduction of the GST/administrative charges. Provided that the cancellation reaches SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY by  the respective deadline for cancellation as outlined on the SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY website  and/or the form for Request of Registration.

7.3. The applicable administrative fee per cancelled Participant (and thus not per cancelled  Group Registration) shall be determined on the SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY website and/or the  form for Request of Registration.

7.4. After the deadline for cancellation of a Live Events, no refund is due.

SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY is free to decide to refund the registration fee in case of cancellation after the deadline, provided the cancellation is based on justifiable reasons and  the supporting documents are presented. Sunanda IVF Academy’s decision on this issue shall  be final and may not be disputed.

7.5. Refunds are not granted for unattended Live Events (“no show”) or early termination of  attendance at an Event.

7.6. Fees for all Virtual (Online) Events shall not be refundable.

7.7. In no case whatsoever, SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY shall be liable to any refund or compensation of whatsoever other costs (for example travel or accommodation costs, costs  for the application of visa) or losses, apart from the registration fee. 

7.8. Refunds will be paid after 5 to 7 working days of event. Amount will be credited in  participants bank account.

Cancellation of a Live or Virtual Event by SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY

8.1. In case of cancellation of a Live or Virtual Event, SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY shall fully  reimburse the registration fee.

8.2. If an SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY Live or Virtual Event cannot be held or is postponed due  to a situation of force majeure or hardship, SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY
shall not be liable to  any reimbursement of registration fees or other costs or suffered losses.



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