Dear Angel,
My babies turned 1..thanks again..
Wanted to visit you but can’t..we will plan next year

Kavita Patil

Visited for pregnancy checkup
Hatsoff to Dr. Sachin sir service. 21 years back he alone helped me out during my delivery. Also he waited whole night to get my labour pains end and in the morning he did my delivery all alone. Thanks sir for your patience will be always grateful for it.

Happy Couple

I would like to take an opportunity to thank Dr Sachin Kulkarni Sir and whole Sunanda IVF team to make my dream come true.it was destiny that I went for my training there and I found the environment so comforting and transparency in treatment that I decided to go for a treatment there myself.A talk with sir is itself a destress therapy. He is so humble and kind.The staff make sure to give pleasant and friendly atmosphere for their patients. .I thank sir again to give a lifetime gift to me n my family.I strongly recommend Sunanda IVF centre for Infertility treatment.

Dr. Sujata Gujarkar

Good evening this is Sneha kulkarni. From sangli today blessed with a baby girl…. Delivered at Dr. nitave Hospital… Thank you Very Much, Todays joyful day in our life is only because of you and Dr. Sachin Kulkarnis correct treatment and guidance. Without both of you it would not be possible. Thanks a lot again, Due to lockdown situation we would not been able to do delivery in Kolhapur… it would be more joy full if I had delivery, It would be more joyful if I had delivered the baby at Sunanda IVF hospital

Sneha kulkarni

आदरणीय सचिन सर् एवं सहायक चिकित्सक….
मै आकांक्षा अनिरुद्ध माहेश्वरी आपके सहयोग के लिए आपका विशेष आभार व्यक्त करना चाहती हूँ। मेरी ज़िंदगी की परेशानियां जब मेरी सोच से बड़ी होने लगी और मेरी तकलीफें मेरी खामियाँ बनने लगी, तब में आपको उस आदर्श व्यक्तितव के रुप मे देखती हूँ, जिन्होंने मेरे नज़रिये को एक नई दिशा दी। मेरे लिए शायद ये सफ़र आपके मार्गदर्शन के बिना बिल्कुल दुर्लभ था। मेरी ज़िंदगी मे आप भगवान के रूप में आये।
हांलाकि मै मानती हूं कि शब्द काफी नहीं है मेरी भावनाओं को समेटने के लिए, फिर भी मैं अपनी भावनाओं को व्यक्त करने से रोक नहीं पाई।
यह हॉस्पिटल ओर यहां के चिकित्सक, सह- चिकित्सक एवं स्टाफ,” व्यावसायिकता, कार्यनिष्ठा और प्यार का सर्वोत्तम उदाहरण है।
मैं आपके बेहतर भविष्य और स्वास्थ्य की कामना ईश्वर से करती हूं।

Happy Couple

hello , when i entered this hospital i saw buddha statue . i felt so positive and we are in right place i have spend almost 56 days in this hospital with my sis ( becaus of complication in her pregnancy ) special thanks for Dr sachin kulkarni sir , so positive attitude i spoke for few min and i felt u have very positive aura which keep all hospital positive . special thanks for DR swati kulkarni mam , she always take care of patients like mother very caring love the way when u communicate with patient . another special thanks Dr. maliah mam very young and telented ,mam i really like the way you r , very positive and very alert about evrything, very caring special thanks for Dr sunita atyalkar (ped) mam you are doing so nice , and when our baby was there i was tension free our baby is in safe hand, very supportive and special thanks all sister vidya , jyoti , snehal ,reena ,rinku , smita chaivale dada and all mavshi all was so kind and supportive Dr sachin sir you have maintain hospital so wel no one is sounding rude evryone was so kind and supportive Thank you Sunanda IVF.

Riya Oswal

Sunanda ivf was established in year 2000 by Dr. Sachin Kulkarni, MD as a dedicated clinic to provide most updated treatment for infertility. Over last two decades the clinic has state of art equipment, and is providing comprehensive fertility treatments.

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