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1.1. SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY: Has “Sunanda IVF Academy”, with its registered office at  395/2, E Ward, Assembly Rd Opp- IDBI Bank, near Basant Bahar Theater, Kolhapur,  Maharashtra, India – 416001 

1.2. Participant: Any person registered to actually attend an Event (Virtual or In person) 

1.3. Live Event(s): A Live Event is an Event that involves participants interacting in a physical  environment or location such as a congress centre or any other venue suitable for the  organization of such an event. 

1.4. Virtual Event(s): A virtual event is an online event whereby individuals participate in a  virtual environment on a website or other electronic platform, rather than participating in  an event that is held in a physical location. 

Applicability of terms and conditions

2.1. All transactions concluded between SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY and the Participant in the  context of a registration for a Live or Virtual Event and the actual participation in a Live or  Virtual Event by a Participant, shall be governed by (in hierarchical descending order): 

   I. The completed for Registration  

   II. The specific SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY fill form applicable to the participation  in a Live or Virtual Event; 


Eligibility to Live or Virtual Events

3.1. All Participants to an Event: 

Must provide a “proof of status”, when requested, as the Live or Virtual Events can  only be attended by doctors and embryologists, researchers and other professionals  active in the field of reproductive medicine and science). A proof of status is an  official document (e.g. letter, student card or any other document) issued by a legal  representative (such as the head of department) of a hospital, company or academic  institution, which confirms the status of the Student. The document must be issued  in English and on the institute’s official letterhead.

Registration procedure

4.1. The online registration procedure for Live or Virtual Events takes place as follows: 

   i. “Request for Registration” by the participant,  through submitting a fully completed  online registration form on the SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY website; 

   ii. “Payment of fees online by link” as well submit all basic information. 

   iii. “Confirmation of receipt by Administration dept of Sunanda IVF Academy.

Registration fee

5.1. All registration fees for Events are in rupees, with applicable GST rate included. 

5.2. Every registration fee applies to one single Participant, unless expressly stated that a  specific fee is applicable to a Group Registration. 

5.3. The registration fees may differ, depending on the time of registration and payment. A  distinction can be made between an 

    (i) “Early Fee”; 

    (ii) “Late Fee” and 

    (iii) “Onsite Fee” (the latter only applies for Annual Meetings and Precongress Courses). 

Early and Late Fees only apply when a registration is submitted, and payment is received (by  SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY) before the stipulated deadline of Early/Late Fee. 

For certain activities (e.g. for virtual Events) a flat fee may be charged and no “Early”, “Late”  or “Onsite Fee” deadlines are applicable. 


6.1. The Registrant is fully responsible for the payment of the registration fee for a Live or  Virtual Event. 

6.2. The Registrant is fully responsible for submitting the accurate and complete invoice  data. 

Registration fees must always be paid in full prior to the Validation of Registration.

Cancellation by Registrant – Refund policy

7.1. All cancellations by the Registrant or Participant for Live Events, must be notified in  writing (preferably by e-mail) to SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY. Email: sifa@sunandaivf.com 

7.2. For Live Events, registration fees will be reimbursed after deduction of the GST /  administrative charges. Provided that the cancellation reaches SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY by  the respective deadline for cancellation as outlined on the SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY website  and/or the form for Request of Registration. 

7.3 The applicable administrative fee per cancelled Participant (and thus not per cancelled  Group Registration) shall be determined on the SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY website and/or the  form for Request of Registration. 

7.4. After the deadline for cancellation of a Live Events, no refund is due. 

SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY is free to decide to refund the registration fee in case of  cancellation after the deadline, provided the cancellation is based on justifiable reasons and  the supporting documents are presented. Sunanda IVF Academy’s decision on this issue shall  be final and may not be disputed. 

7.5. Refunds are not granted for unattended Live Events (“no show”) or early termination of  attendance at an Event. 

7.6. Fees for all Virtual (Online) Events shall not be refundable. 

7.7. In no case whatsoever, SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY shall be liable to any refund or  compensation of whatsoever other costs (for example travel or accommodation costs, costs  for the application of visa) or losses, apart from the registration fee. 

7.8. Refunds will be paid after 5 to 7 working days of event. Amount will be credited in  participants bank account.  

Cancellation of a Live or Virtual Event by SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY

08.1. In case of cancellation of a Live or Virtual Event, SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY shall fully  reimburse the registration fee.

08.2. If an SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY Live or Virtual Event cannot be held or is postponed due  to a situation of force majeure or hardship, SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY shall not be liable to  any reimbursement of registration fees or other costs or suffered losses.

Withdrawal of Confirmation of Registration

09.1. SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY is entitled to withdraw a Confirmation of Registration at any  time and without legal intervention: 

   i. In case the Registrant or Participant fails to duly perform or comply with any of its  obligations and fails to remedy within 30 calendar days after written notice thereof  has been given by SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY; 

  ii. In the event that – between the moment of Request for Registration and start of  the Live or Virtual (Online) Event – the Participant loses his status as doctor or allied  professional  

  iii. In case of exceptional circumstances which make it impossible to continue any  professional relation between SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY and the Registrant or the  Participant. Parties agree that the following circumstances should be considered as  exceptional circumstances (non-limitative): 

The Registrant or Participant circulates negative publicity about SUNANDA IVF  ACADEMY, non-compliance with ethical regulations and non-ethical behavior in  general by the Registrant or Participant, force majeure or hardship. 

09.2. In the event of withdrawal in accordance with article 09.1, the Confirmation of  Registration will immediately and automatically be cancelled, without limit or compensation  for the Registrant or Participant, without any refund or without any refund or compensation  of whatsoever costs or losses, and notwithstanding the right of SUNANDA IVF ACADEMY to  compensation of the damages incurred following this cancellation.


Sunanda ivf was established in year 2000 by Dr. Sachin Kulkarni, MD as a dedicated clinic to provide most updated treatment for infertility. Over last two decades the clinic has state of art equipment, and is providing comprehensive fertility treatments.

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