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Social Egg Freezing 

Egg freezing …..offers reproductive freedom

Egg freezing ….my choice my decision

Over last four decades more indian women are pursuing higher education and employment . This has led to postponement of child birth . Mean age of giving birth to a child has increased to > 29 years .

The society is not aware about decreasing ovarian reserve & decreased chance of pregnancy as age advances . Unplanned postponement of pregnancy increases the risk of infertility adding to guilt , frustration & agony .

The first baby of egg freezing was in 1986 by dr Chen from South Korea since then egg freezing is on an exponential rise

What is social & medical egg freezing

Women deliberately postpone childbearing for various social reasons like higher studies , career development or simply because child does not fit in the present life scenario. One may be travelling abroad for few years and postponing pregnancy

Women now a days put more emphasis on getting the right partner than choosing a single parent motherhood or having a baby in a compromised relationship.

Few women go for egg freezing for medical reasons low ovarian reserve , prior to chemotherapy , suffering from rheumatoid diseases . Mothers with a compromised first child like autism , birth defects , mentally subnormal baby don’t plan the next baby for want of time to attend to the affected child. But after few years the couple does think of a sibling and by then if she has decreased egg reserve of crossed 38 yrs the pregnancy chances are very low.

Elective egg freezing not only allows a late age first baby but may allow a second child as well.

Women approaching 35 yrs not yet found a partner can think of egg freezing.

Low ovarian reserve at younger age will benefit the most with egg freezing , early menopause at 40 years runs in some families women from this high risk group can plan egg freezing

Procedure of egg harvesting & freezing ..

Few blood tests are done like to access your safety to undergo stimulation and anesthesia . Tests for ovarian reserve AMH, FSH LH AFC are done

You receive injections of gonal F / Pergovaris for 10-12 days depending on your age , ovarian reserve and weight either as ANTGONIST protocol or PPOS protocol .. Once your eggs cross 17-18 mm size Lupride injection is given and you are taken for egg pick up after 35-36 hrs of lupride .

Egg pick up procedure lasts for 20-30 min and is done under general anesthesia , you are discharged 4 hrs later [ there is no cut on tummy or no stitch is taken ]

Eggs are the vitrified using vitrification media and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 degree temperature Correct labelling is done and cross checked by witnessing person and system .

You will be given antibiotics two doses only .

The egg pick up can be scheduled on a Saturday morning so you don’t need to take a leave and join back work on Monday safely.

Is Technology full proof

Large Spanish and Italian studies demonstrated that live birth rate with frozen oocytes are same as that with fresh IVF cycles . Vitrification thaw procedure has successful thawing rate all the way to 99-100% .fertilisation rates of 77-80% are reported

International follow up of children born after using vitrified oocyte have not revealed any increased risk of congenital defects .

When to freeze eggs

Earlier the better , best quality and quantity of eggs is obtained between 20-30 years. Most women take the decision of egg freezing by 32-38 years .if you freeze beyond 38 years the chances of pregnancy are less

Chance of pregnancy after 37 years is 22% for women without earlier frozen eggs & pregnancy chances be 52% if eggs are already frozen.

Age limits of freezing ..we will discourage egg freezing after 40 yrs.

Age limit of using eggs …. Indian law does not permit an IVF after 50 yrs of age , but we are also guided by general health , cardiac status to limit the age .

How many eggs are required

One needs to freeze 10 mature eggs to go through two IVF embryo transfers to assure 75% pregnancy rate. Ideal number of eggs needed will depend on age , AMH , body weight and associated disorders . The reproductive goals of the lady also play a role here ensuring one baby or two.

Any side effects

Fsh injections are subcutaneous and do not have local or general side effects , since wee give agonist lupride trigger no lady gets OHSS .. due to increased estrogen levels in body one may have temporary breast discomfort or clear vaginal discharge for a few days .

Social egg freezing provides women reproductive autonomy and promotes equality. This positively impacts their self esteem and takes the time pressure away from other priorities like education , career progression , financial stability and finding the right partner.

Dr Sharayu Mohite , Dr Sachin Kulkarni
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