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Male Infertility

I wanna be a Father some day

‘Dad, come on …lets go for cycling today’…. 5 years son asking his father…..he just took a pause, and flashback of last 7 years just scrolled in his mind…

For 7 years post marriage I was eagerly waiting for Fatherhood…I had oligospermia (low sperm count)….evaluated with hormonal tests.. found to have high estrogen level .. medical treatment was advised for 3 months…there was improvement in sperm count , my wife conceived with IUI cycle…and this changed our life completely…

On journey for making comfortable living every husband faces stresses and makes sacrifices. Added to that a stigma of childlessness makes day to day life un bearable . Irritation, anger spells , occupy the day.

One thing will help every man whether these stresses ‘fatherhood that offers the sense of purpose’

Fatherhood will make the person calm, balanced, rational .

The sense of purpose shapes. Day to day goals , behaviour , offers better health , long life .

At Sunanda IVF centre we have developed a specialist clinic for male infertility to fulfil the dreams of being a father.

About 40% of childlessness is due to husband related factors which commonly present as OLIGOPSERMIA / low sperm count . Most couples suffering from low sperm count are advised for IVF / ICSI directly .

We at Sunanda IVF believe in thorough evaluation of husband by ultrasound , hormonal tests , genetic study , DNA fragmentation , ROS estimation study to reach the root cause .

Many men especially with pot belly’s tend to have high estrogen levels which suppress the FSH hormone from brain and reduce spermatogonia production . A lifestyle correction with simple tablets of letrozole can reduce estrogen and improve sperm counts .

Special test are done to estimate intra testicular testosterone levels which if low can be medically corrected to improve sperm counts .

Mr Patel [ name changed ] came to us with sperm count of < 1 million and had low fsh levels after thorough evaluation he was put on HMG injections . He responded in four months and now has a count of 21 million .

Erectile dysfunction is one major reason of childlessness in today’s world . We come across two types of couples , few desiring evaluation and medications to improve sexual function and another group keeps this hush hush and request us to go for direct ivf to achieve pregnancy.

At Sunanda IVF we respect both attitudes , many a times the couple feels discussion on sexual problems is like talking the medical team to your bedroom .

We have special slots dedicated to the couples suffering from sexual inadequacies , offer them a listening ear and thorough counselling and medical therapy as needed

Mr Akash [ name changed ] had low sperm count with high FSH level and was on treatment for autoimmune disorders. The scientific evidence conveys that there will be progressive decrease in sperms if fsh is very high . At Sunanda IVF he was sensitised and advised to go for sperm cryopreservation . Now after a year he has no sperms but can have his own baby with cryopreserved sperms .

We believe every infertile couple needs thorough evaluation , listening ear to understand their fertility needs and goals. A plethora of treatments are available to help male infertility

Every couple wants to make the child stronger , tougher ,kinder , smarter ,wiser and at Sunanda IVF we do our best to offer holistic care to him .

Sunanda IVF works with pressure , passion and pragmatism , pressure to achieve faster pregnancy , passion to read the science and translate newer treatments for patients benefit and pragmatism to use the correct protocols to make cost effective choices

Dr Sharayu Mohite

Dr Sachin Kulkarni


Sunanda ivf was established in year 2000 by Dr. Sachin Kulkarni, MD as a dedicated clinic to provide most updated treatment for infertility. Over last two decades the clinic has state of art equipment, and is providing comprehensive fertility treatments.

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