IVF/ICSI Treatment Preparation

IVF treatment often takes place over a period of a few weeks and it is essential that you allocate some space in your dairy and avoid a very busy schedule to get you into a healthy and relaxed state.

We will give you a detailed plan for treatment, with a schedule of appointments. We aim to be as flexible as possible to with early or late times if required.

Before starting treatment you will need to undergo general blood tests and infection screening tests for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Chlamydia. This is a legal requirement prior to starting the treatment per HFEA regulations.

A detailed discussion about the treatment will take place with Dr.Sachin Kulkarni  and a set of information documents and consent forms will be explained.


Sunanda ivf was established in year 2000 by Dr. Sachin Kulkarni, MD as a dedicated clinic to provide most updated treatment for infertility. Over last two decades the clinic has state of art equipment, and is providing comprehensive fertility treatments.

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